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After interviewing many local, regional and national property managers, facility, operations and owners throughout the United States, DIAMOND was created to meet the needs & issues that we have uncovered to improve the experience of purchasing pavement services.

With DIAMOND by GemSeal, Property Owner/Managers have a centralized place to find Compatible Pavement Contractors based on many types of search criteria including geography, type of services, previous work history, financial strength, insurance coverage, materials used, equipment, warranties provided and specific skills.

DIAMOND enables verified contractors to share their qualifications with interested property owners/managers to show why they should be considered and included in a pavement project.

After a fast and simple sign up process, contractors will complete a secure, confidential online profile that will be available to property owners/managers with as much or as little information as the contractor chooses to provide. Property owners will use the information to select the most compatible contractors to bid on their jobs. DIAMOND also enables property owners and managers to post real jobs of their properties.

DIAMOND provides property
owners/managers what they have asked for:

After property owners post projects,
verified contractors will:


Welcome to DIAMOND by Gemseal

DIAMOND by GemSeal® is an innovative, online solution which connects property owners and contractors with real-time information to enable them to make faster, better decisions while collaborating to cut costs, reduce risks, and improve the Pavement Industry Experience.

For more than 50 years, GemSeal has manufactured high quality pavement maintenance and repair products used to make parking lots safer, last longer, and look more beautiful.

As a division of Oldcastle®, Inc., one of the world’s largest building materials manufacturers, GemSeal will continue to leverage our available resources to innovate, educate, manufacture & distribute the best pavement products and processes in the world.

Whether you are a contractor looking to improve the quality of your pavement maintenance installations or a property owner seeking a better process to preserve, protect & beautify your pavements, GemSeal has a team that will help you create the solutions you desire!